Why Search and Rescue?

Being lost or in need of rescue is a terrifying experience.   It can also lead to a slow and horrible death.  The United States Search and Rescue Task Force (U.S. SAR Task Force) is comprised of volunteer experts in search and rescue and disaster response and is always dedicated to finding lost and injured persons by the most efficient means possible.

The mandate of the Task Force is to train to a high state of readiness in preparation for an emergency.  U.S. SAR Task Force personnel are trained in search skills, land navigation, logistics, search resource allocation and more!  The Task Force also maintains a historical database of lost person behaviors.

The U.S. SAR Task Force can also assist in pre planning for the search.  We can assist with risk assessment, resource needs projection, mutual aid planning, educational classes and immediate steps to be taken as standard procedures pending the arrival of the search and rescue task force.

Utilizing the expertise of it's members, the United States Search and Rescue Task Force provides coordination, support, communications and specialized resources needed for successful search and rescue and disaster response efforts.

Please be aware that the sooner we respond to a lost person emergency, the better the chances to locate that person are.  And, the sooner that we locate the victim and expedite them to medical facilities, the better their chances are for survival.  In the winter weather this is even more critical and, an immediate dispatch is essential! 

For immediate dispatch of the U.S. SAR Task Force the following contact information should be utilized:

Emergency Dispatch – National SkyPage:

(enter your call back number with area code)


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