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United States Search and Rescue Task Force

Welcome to the United States Search and Rescue Task Force Awards Center!

The U.S. Search and Rescue Task Force has spent hundreds of hours designing and making the Task Force site a reality.   This awards program was initiated in order to recognize and honor those web sites which represent the best on the internet.  Departments and webmasters put countless hours into developing their sites and educating the public, and should be honored for their dedication.  Those sites winning the awards will be able to display the award as well as being listed in the Task Force award winners section.  One award may be awarded per web site per calendar year.   For those sites not meeting the “Ranger's Award of Excellence” criteria, two other awards may be presented;  the “Ranger's Award of Merit” or the “Ranger's Honorable Mention Award“.  

The decision of our selection committee is final.  If a site is not selected, the person submitting the site will be notified by e-mail and given the reason or reasons why it was not accepted.  A site that was not accepted may apply for an award again in 90 days after the reasons given for the rejection have been corrected.

Remember, that there are three awards that may be presented.  Should your site receive the “Ranger's Award of Merit”  rather than the “Ranger's Award of Excellence,” it is nothing personal against you or your site.  It simply means that one site has put in much more time and effort than another.  Likewise, there will be sites that apply that do not receive the “Ranger's Award of Merit” as they will not meet the standards.  Therefore, if you receive any of the three awards, you can feel proud of the work that you and your department has done!  If awarded, the award remains the property of the Task Force and may be recalled by the Task Force upon request if not displayed as agreed upon.  Applying for an award denotes agreement with the terms listed in this section.

You may find the criteria for each award below.   If you feel your site meets the requirements listed above then please fill out the submission area below.  There, you will find out everything you will need to know in order to apply for the award.  Good luck.  We hope to see you listed in the Ranger's Award Recipient Section!

– Awards Criteria –

1.  Must be an Emergency Services web site.  These include sites that are Rescue, Fire, Search & Rescue, EMS or Law Enforcement related.

2. The page must contain content – please don't submit a page that is just a links page or, just one or two pages of content.

3.  No vulgar or obscene sites allowed.  Any site deemed inappropriate when reviewed will not be accepted.  

4. Well written verbal content is encouraged.  All graphics and fonts should represent the creativity, craftsmanship, and pride found in  Emergency Services.

5.  A site must have some effort applied and those sites that display thought, imagination, creativity and time dedicated will certainly be given more consideration.

6. Must not be selling anything for profit (fund raising for non-profits is permitted).

7. Content for the site must not downgrade Emergency Services or Public Safety work in any shape or form.

8.  Should you win an award, you must provide a link from the award back to our web site.    When you receive an email from us that you have won, the award should be linked to the Task Force main page at:  https://www.ussartf.org 

To submit your site for review for a Ranger's Award, please send the following information to the Task Force at:   ussartf@ussartf.org    

  • Your name

  • Name of agency/organization

  • Name of web site

  • Address of web site

  • Your E-Mail address

  • A description of the web site

  • In the “Subject” line type “Awards Submission”

Please allow up to 4 weeks for your site to be reviewed and a response to be sent.

Ranger's Award of Excellence

3 Star Site

The highest award that can be presented for web site dedication, design and content!

Ranger's Award of Merit

2 Star Site

Ranger's Honorable Mention Award

1 Star Site


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