Picture Gallery

Helicopter Removing Victim After Transfer From Ambulance For Long Distance Transport To Medical Facility

United States Coast Guard Rescue Helicopter Readying For Mission

Display of Air and Land Rescue Units

Psychologist Lieutenant Michael Faunce, Commander of the Task Force CISM Team (center) is pictured with his proud parents as a recipient of the Task Force Departmental Commendation for his participation and dedication in New York City during the 9-11 terrorist event.

Mutual Aid Canine Specialist Jennifer Dilmore of Maple Shade Rescue and her partner “Jake” meet and greet members of the public at the Task Force display.

At The New York City Police Department Police Academy – Two Dozen Personnel Were Trained In Updated Response To Terrorism Subsequent To The Task Force Assistance During the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Event in New York City

From Left To Right Are:  P.O. Frank Santiago, Task Force District Chief David Marantz, Chaplain Fred K. Honigman, PhD, Task Force Chief Steven Labov & P.O. Al Bonilla

CERT Training – Victim Extraction Under Way

CERT Team Entering Building For Victim Search

CERT Graduates Trained By The U.S. SAR Task Force

CERT Training – Simulated Earthquake Scenario

Students Preparing for and Conducting Line Search for Evidence

Wildland Firefighting Training

United States Coast Guard Helicopter With Rescue Mission Under Way

Canine Team After Locating Victim In Collapsed Structure

Educational Display of United States Search and Rescue Task Force Equipment and Services

Child Fingerprinting by the U.S. SAR Task Force as a Public Safety Service


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