Chief’s Advisory Council

The United States Search and Rescue Task Force Chief's Advisory Council was implemented as an advisory board that may counsel the Chief in their respective areas of expertise.  The Chief, having constant access to the council advisors, can contact them for their advice, assistance and with questions in their respective areas of expertise. 

It is with much admiration and thanks that we accept their generous assistance to the Task Force, Community and the Nation, and in “Working Together, So Others May Live.”

Edward J. Carreiro, Jr., Esquire

Pennsylvania / New Jersey

Anthony Davalos

Office of the Attorney General

Department of Justice, Delaware

John M. Eller

Chief of Police (Ret.)

Brookhaven Police Department

Brookhaven, Pennsylvania

David A. Gingras


New York Guard

COL Frank Kennelly

CIS Philadelphia Police Department (Ret.) 

David S. Krupnick

Deputy Director – Intelligence (Ret.)

United States Department of Energy 

Debra M. Lewis


United States Army (Ret.)

Washington, D.C.

Michael A. Nazzaro

Professor of Health Science

City University of New York

Jeffrey H. Pooner, Esquire

Pennsylvania / New Jersey 

Mark S. Whitlock

Assistant Chief (Ret.)

Delaware State Police


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