Chief & Senior Officers

Steven L. LabovMEMS, CISM, MSO, CERT-3, TAPI

Chief of Department

William R. Ludwig, III, CERT-3, TAPI

Assistant Chief

Stephanie C. Mangigian, RN, CISM

Captain Medical Disaster Operations Unit Commander

Robert E. McKenna, CERT-3, TAPI


Michael E. Faunce, Psychologist, CISM, CERT-1


CISM Team Commander

Rebecca Lauer, EMT, CERT-1


Our Department is comprised of personnel with various skills and backgrounds;  military, law enforcement, fire fighting, rescue, EMS, nurses, physicians and more!  Our Department personnel are currently active or formerly with the following agencies, organizations or departments.  We are also proud to say that our personnel have attained senior and/or instructor positions with the following agencies and organizations:

  • American Association of Trauma Specialists

  • American Heart Association

  • American Psychological Association

  • American Red Cross

  • American Safety & Health Institute

  • American Society for Industrial Security

  • American Society for Law Enforcement Training

  • Association for Cognitive Therapy

  • Association of Military Surgeons

  • Association of the United States Army

  • Delaware Air National Guard

  • Deputy Sheriff’s Association of Pennsylvania

  • Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response Association

  • Emergency Information Infrastructure Partnership

  • Federal Emergency Management Agency

  • Federal Laboratories Training Institute

  • Fire Chief's Association of Montgomery County

  • Fraternal Order of Police

  • International Association of Chiefs of Police

  • International Association of Fire Chiefs

  • International Critical Incident Stress Foundation

  • International Police Association – United States Section

  • Keystone Emergency Management Association

  • Law Enforcement Alliance of America

  • Maryland State Guard

  • Monadnock National Police Training Council

  • Montgomery County Community College

  • Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department, PA

  • National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians

  • National Weather Service (NOAA)

  • National Association for Search and Rescue

  • National Association of Chiefs of Police

  • National Sheriff's Association

  • New York State Fire Chiefs Association

  • New York State Guard

  • Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency

  • Pennsylvania National Guard

  • Pennsylvania Psychological Association

  • Pennsylvania VOAD Executive Committee (An Advisory Committee to the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Council and Office of the Governor, chaired by the Lt. Governor)

  • Police Chief's Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania

  • Society of Forensic Professionals

  • State Guard Association of the United States

  • United States Air Force Auxiliary (Civil Air Patrol)

  • United States Army


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