Community Emergency Response Team

  Course Agenda and Supplies
For CERT Certification

The CERT training is offered throughout the year by the U.S. SAR Task Force at various locations in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, The District of Columbia, Virginia, West Virginia and Delaware. 

Should you have a group that is interested in this training, we can arrange to train your group privately.  For further information on this intensive and much needed training, please contact our headquarters at:  215-922-7225 or forward an e-mail to us at:


Disaster Preparedness

 Disaster Fire Suppression

 Disaster Medical Operations – Part 1

 Disaster Medical Operations – Part 2

Introduction To Terrorism

 Light Search And Rescue Operations

 Disaster Psychology And Team Organization 

Total – 21 Hours

  Course Agenda For Advanced
CERT Certification

 Basic Certification Plus Certification In: 

Emergency Response To Terrorism – 8 Hours

 Introduction To Structural Collapse Operations – 4 Hours

 Hazardous Materials Awareness (HazMat) – 4 Hours

 First Aid/CPR (American Safety & Health Institute or Equivalent) – 8 Hours 

Total – 45 Hours (with basic) 

Waivers Granted With Copies Of Current Certification

Supplies Necessary for Active  CERT Members

Individual Equipment And Supplies

Orange Reflective Safety Vest

Work Boots

 Hard Hat (groups should have the same color)

 Bottle Or Canteen Of Water

 Food Bars And/Or Dehydrated Foods

 Water Purification Tablets

 Work Gloves (suede or leather to avoid splinters)

 Goggles Or Safety Glasses (non-fogging)

 Dust Masks

Ear Plugs

 Two Flashlights (one pocket size mag-light for backup) with extra batteries

 Roll Of Duct Tape

 Roll Of Masking Tape


 Markers (one thin point and one thick point)

 Note Pads

 Utility Knife


 Crescent Wrench

 Small/Medium Fire Extinguisher (A, B, C)

 Rubber Gloves  (6 pair – medical type)


 Small First Aid Kit

 Your Own Personal Medications – 3 day supply (if taking any)

Bag To Carry All Items (backpack preferable)


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