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This website proudly displays the awards bestowed upon the Task Force by various agencies around the world.   We are pleased to display these awards and thank those agencies for taking the time to visit our home on the internet!  Again, many thanks.

Some Comments On Our Site From Agencies Around The World…

  • “I just completed a visit to your website.   It is beautiful in appearance and outstanding in content.”

  • “We would be honored if you would accept the prestigious Police Department Award of Excellence.”

  • “Your website contains quality content and design.”

  • “It did not take us long to figure out that you have an excellent site and an even more excellent team!”

  • “Your website is an outstanding law enforcement related site and extremely well done with very interesting material.”

  • “Your site shows true heart and dedication to the public.”

  • “Outstanding job!”

  • “We have visited and reviewed your site and have found it to be excellent in layout, design, information and clarity.”

  • “Great job.  Beautiful site!”

  • “We would like to congratulate you, as your website has been reviewed by our design team and found to be outstanding in the field of Emergency Services.  We therefore take great pride and honor in presenting to the Task Force the ‘Emergency Service Website Excellence Award'.”

  • “We have reviewed your site and have determined that you are putting forth a positive professional law enforcement message and you are to be commended for the service you graciously offer to law enforcement as well as to the entire internet community.”


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