Community Emergency Response Team

Picture Gallery

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United States Department of Agriculture CERT Team upon completion of hands-on training

Task Force Specialist Joseph Zajewski is pictured reviewing Search & Rescue Size-Up and Entry with the USDA CERT Team Agents

USDA CERT Team Agents practicing proper methods of fire suppression

USDA CERT Team Agents practicing proper transfer of cribbing

U.S. SAR Task Force CERT Instructors (from left) Chief's Advisor Michael Nazzaro, Specialist Joseph Zajewski - (center-USDA Regional Director Mary Negron) - Chief of Public Affairs David Marantz and Chief Steven Labov  (student instructors McKenna, Herkenham and Enea not pictured)

CERT Participants Hard At Work

CERT Training - Simulated Earthquake Scenario

CERT Class Graduates Trained By The U.S. SAR Task Force

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CERT Participants Reviewing The "Damage" Prior To Exercise

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CERT Participants Learning Proper Transfer of Cribbing

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CERT Participants Practicing Use of Fire Extinguisher

CERT Mobile Command Center Setup At Training

CERT / Search And Rescue Personnel Entering Structure

Victim Being Attended To In Collapsed Structure

Victim Being Brought Out After Collapsed Structure Rescue

Triage Area Set-up And Evaluation