United States Search and Rescue Task Force

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Line-of-duty Deaths of

Law Enforcement Personnel

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This web site memorial section is dedicated to law enforcement officers who gave their life for their community and nation.  We all must remember that, too often, we take for granted the vigil of our nations law enforcement officers to protect life and property.  Citizens observe officers in what is called routine calls or even minor traffic offenses.  However, there is no routine duty that is not cloaked in danger, injury or sudden death!  When a law enforcement officer dies in the line-of-duty, it is a tragedy impacting on society as a whole.  The officer's sacrifice can sometimes be forgotten and their family and friends have no memorial upon which to base their solace and grief.  It is the intention of this memorial section to pay honor and tribute to fallen law enforcement officers of the United States so that their sacrifice and dedication to humanity and justice will always be remembered by generations to come.