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The U.S. SAR Task Force is a state and federally recognized rescue department created as a not-for-profit corporation to serve communities throughout the nation.


Greetings & Welcome

It is with a sense of great pride and enthusiasm that we are pleased to present you with the United States Search and Rescue Task Force web site.   This web site is by no means a finished product, and will constantly be going through revisions, modifications and updates to keep our site relevant to the needs of the search and rescue and disaster response community, public safety agencies and, of course, the public that we work for! 

In line with our mission statement, this site will provide extensive educational information on search and rescue and disaster related topics.  You will find many, many topics including subjects such as Terrorism, Survival at Sea, Tornadoes, Lyme Disease, Flooding, Family Disaster Planning, Animal Tracking and more!  In addition to our web site, we have hundreds of links to other related sites worldwide.

We are deeply committed to serving the community and the nation.  If you are interested in joining the United States Search and Rescue Task Force, please forward a request to us for information (currently we are only accepting applications from residents of the following areas of Region 1:  Pennsylvania and New Jersey).  There are many benefits to joining our Department.

If you represent an agency or department and are interested in a mutual-aid agreement with the Task Force, please forward a request to us for mutual-aid agreement information.  There are many benefits to having a mutual-aid agreement with our Department, the most important being additional resources to aid in serving the public and the life of victims in need!

For detailed in-depth information on the U.S. SAR Task Force and the services that we provide please feel free to extensively browse our site.  For additional questions, you may forward an e-mail to us or call our headquarters.

So, thank you for visiting with us.  We hope you will derive benefits from us and we look forward to "Working Together, So Others May Live!"


Steven L. Labov, MEMS, CISM, MSO, CERT-3, TAPI

Chief of Department

United States Search and Rescue Task Force


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The United States Search and Rescue Task Force joins you in remembering the casualties of September 11, 2001. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. While this is a time of mourning, we wish to express our gratitude to the people who risked their lives and put others first.  These people should be honored and remembered as the heroes they are.  We are especially proud to be affiliated with those that were there to help others. To all emergency service personnel - you are in our hearts everyday and we thank you for all of your efforts.

Always Remember And Pass On To Future Generations

~  All Gave Some - But Some Gave All  ~


Click on the Twin Towers picture above for extensive information on the World Trade Center Disaster.



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