United States Search and Rescue Task Force

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Requirements For Ranger Status

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Ranger applicants must have the following upon application.  This ensures a well-rounded expert in the emergency services field.   Upon acceptance as a Ranger, the Task Force has promoted a Specialist to a Ranger who begins their Ranger tenure with a minimum of 5 years of experience (at least 2 in search and rescue) and 350 hours of training.

Required Experience and Training:

Ranger applicants must also have minimum of 200 additional hours of special emergency service/rescue/military/law enforcement certified training including 5 certifications from the following list:

 Required Equipment That Must Be Procured and Maintained:

 Ranger Applicants Must Also:

When a Ranger retires after ten years of honorable service and upon approval of the Chief Ranger, the Ranger shall be entitled to his badge and identification for life.  This identification is subject to recall if it is used in any inappropriate manner.



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